Life Groups

Our Life Groups (LG) are a chance for people to get to know one another better as they get to know Jesus better. There is no typical LG as each one is unique. What they all share in though is the Bible. When LGs meet they might have morning tea, dinner, dessert, or a cuppa together. As well as this they will read some of the Bible together and think about what God is saying. There is also an opportunity to speak to God in prayer. Why is this a good thing to do as a group? The answer is that as the word of God is read we understand more about what he is like, and get to know him more through his Son Jesus. As a small group we can help each other to hear God correctly, and help each other to understand what applying God’s word to life might mean. When we pray as a group we hear each other’s needs and we not only offer our own care of each other, but we bring our needs to God and as a group trust in his goodness to answer our prayers in the best way possible. We have seen that our groups have grown closer together and have developed a bond that goes beyond the meeting time and into all of life. This is the first reason why we call it a Life Group. The second reason is that we have come to see that real living is found in knowing the Real Jesus.

Our Current Life Groups Are:

Monday Night @ 7pm                 

Thursday Night @ 7.30pm

Friday Morning @ 10am               

If you would like to come to one of these groups please contact our church office on (02) 67821037.